(Update Link) Video Baltimore Rapper LonnieDaGoat Was Shot and Killed at Cherry Hill

Video Baltimore Rapper LonnieDaGoat Was Shot and Killed at Cherry Hill

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Video Baltimore Rapper LonnieDaGoat Was Shot and Killed at Cherry Hill

(Update Link) Video Baltimore Rapper LonnieDaGoat Was Shot and Killed at Cherry Hill

Previously a stone corridor of PNB who was a victim of the shooting, but now Lonniedagoat was beaten and killed in this popular news time

A popular Baltimore rapper who passed through Lonniedagoat was killed in a shooting earlier this week in Cherry Hill.

Police said officers responded Tuesday at 9:00 am to block 2800 of Booker Drive for the report of an unresponsive man. There, they found Baltimore city doctors at the scene who had already pronounced the victim dead. Police did not immediately release the victim’s name, but his mother identified him as Delon Bushrod Jr.

“My family is not good right now. We are not doing well,” said his mother Kia Bushrod. “He’s my only child. They just don’t know what they did. Baltimore is so bad.”

It is still unclear when they pulled him from the 24-year-old rapper, but the Baltimore police received the call Tuesday morning and the first to answer found his body among the row houses in a place that is a popular connection. People who live on Booker Drive say they tried a hit the previous night.

Bushrod Jr. has millions of views on his YouTube channel. He also had a strong suite among the young people. Videos on social networks showed him during the visit and acted in Baltimore schools. In one publication, he said that was what motivated him and is “… correct only to be a positive image for young people …”.

Her mother told him that she loved her music about him and now she will have to watch the videos and listen to Lonnyat’s clues now that she is gone.

“Just angry that his life has been eliminated. We really miss Bushrod.” Every day, he will feel insane, without talking to him at all. ”

Police have not officially identified Bushrod Jr. as a victim, but are asking the public to try to share information if they know who killed him.

Anyone with information should call the police at 410-396-2100 or an arrest crime counter at 1-866-7.

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(Update Link) Video Baltimore Rapper LonnieDaGoat Was Shot and Killed at Cherry Hill

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